Portland Japanese Garden

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On a Saturday morning, my friend Lisa and I started our day at the Portland Japanese Garden. We’ve taken advantage of member perks and strolled mostly by ourselves as much as we wanted until it was opened for all visitors. I can’t speak of it highly enough!

I left my house “armed” with two cameras, which proved to be a bit much for an enthusiast first visitor. I wanted to photograph everything! And this may take away from the purpose of the gardens because this is a place where you can come and clear your mind. It might be best for me to leave all cameras home and use this space to meditate, relax or work out new life great ideas. That’d be hard for me to do, as I carry my camera everywhere and it’s also such a beautiful place to photograph. But it might be just the thing to begin a day with!

Whatever your purpose, I urge you to go see  the Portland Japanese Garden!

Sand and Stone Garden

A Mushroom Reunion



Most of these pictures were taken with the FM, on Fujifilm 200. They came out ok, but not great, possibly because my hands were pretty cold as it was quite a cold morning. The Canon performed very well until it ran out of battery (my bad!), but since then I returned the 50mm lens I took these photos with and will probably switch to a 35mm instead. It’s a great lens, it’s just not working out for my way of taking photos.



Here are Lisa’s photo skills at play!

Through two lenses

We continued our “adventures” at the Chinese Garden after breakfast. I’ll hopefully put up the rest of the photos sometime tomorrow!

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