Canoe, Portland

Canoe Light

On my way home one day I’ve discovered a new store that has just everything I would want for my home. Carefully curated, Canoe puts on display a most wonderful selection of items I would love to call my own.

I took the opportunity to take a couple of photos in their new space they have opened next to downtown Portland and hope to come back again soon for more than just that – I love the Heath Ceramics selection they carry.

Heath Ceramics At Canoe Canoe Honey Heath Ceramics At Canoe Heath Ceramics At Canoe Otter Wax At Canoe Canoe At Play Canoe Ceramics

I encourage you to seek Canoe at:

1136 SW Alder
Portland, OR 97205

East Light

Most of my windows are facing East and the apartment doesn’t get a lot of direct light, except for a little while in the morning. I’ve started cherishing those moments when that happens because I leave early on and that’s a rare sight for me these days (especially in winter times). 

Golden Old Christmas Candy Creeks of Light Measuring Tools

All photos taken on Fuji 800

Winter Days

It’s been quiet over here for too long. Winter time in Portland isn’t my favorite, but we’ve had a couple of days of sun and I took out my camera out and about one afternoon. These are the kind of winter days I like best. I’ve also put to the test the Fuji 800 and here are the results. 

Cold Afternoons The Crisp Cold Scai, Oh Scai! Old Socket. New Plug

City State Diner and Bakery

Please Seat Yourself

I snuck in some pictures at City State Diner and Bakery on Thanksgiving. The afternoon light was wonderful and came out at play at just the right time. Unfortunately, my film wasn’t fast enough for the photos taken later in the evening and those didn’t come out, but I am very happy with this crop.

Lovely Afternoon Untitled Stacked Glass | Ceramic Untitled City State Cocktails

Many thanks to Janet and Allen who hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Lights On

Portland Chinese Garden

As I mentioned in my last post, Lisa and I went and saw the Portland Chinese Garden too.


The garden sits in the middle of Portland’s Old Town, a small oasis in the middle of a busy neighborhood. When we went there, the chrysanthemums were in bloom, one more beautiful than another. Same as the Japanese Garden photos, these have been taken on Fujifilm 200.

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Untitled Thank you Lisa for letting me in the secrets of some of the most wonderful gems in Portland!

Portland Japanese Garden

Natural | Karesansui

On a Saturday morning, my friend Lisa and I started our day at the Portland Japanese Garden. We’ve taken advantage of member perks and strolled mostly by ourselves as much as we wanted until it was opened for all visitors. I can’t speak of it highly enough!

I left my house “armed” with two cameras, which proved to be a bit much for an enthusiast first visitor. I wanted to photograph everything! And this may take away from the purpose of the gardens because this is a place where you can come and clear your mind. It might be best for me to leave all cameras home and use this space to meditate, relax or work out new life great ideas. That’d be hard for me to do, as I carry my camera everywhere and it’s also such a beautiful place to photograph. But it might be just the thing to begin a day with!

Whatever your purpose, I urge you to go see  the Portland Japanese Garden!

Sand and Stone Garden

A Mushroom Reunion



Most of these pictures were taken with the FM, on Fujifilm 200. They came out ok, but not great, possibly because my hands were pretty cold as it was quite a cold morning. The Canon performed very well until it ran out of battery (my bad!), but since then I returned the 50mm lens I took these photos with and will probably switch to a 35mm instead. It’s a great lens, it’s just not working out for my way of taking photos.



Here are Lisa’s photo skills at play!

Through two lenses

We continued our “adventures” at the Chinese Garden after breakfast. I’ll hopefully put up the rest of the photos sometime tomorrow!

The Daily Walk


Most days I am able to skip public transportation on my way home and so I took opportunity and gave Fujifilm 200 a good solid test (as best as my abilities allows it). I’m beginning to think it will be my pal until spring comes back and rainy weather passes. The grey skies have never been my favorite, but for now the grounds still hold warm colors. I hope to look at these photos next year and to remember that not all is lost at the mercy of rain at the end of the summer. 

Puppy Dreams

Pioneer District Portland Terrace Mechanical Shop

Portland Farmers Market at Shemanski Park

White Radishes

Two weeks ago, I caught the last Wednesday Farmers Market at the Shemanski Park on a rare non-rainy day. Though close to work, I’ve never been to this particular market. Maybe it’s one of those things – when too close to one’s eyes, it isn’t visible.

Now I’ll have to wait until May to reopen. It’s not as big as the PSU Farmer’s Market, but it might be a good destination for a Wednesday lunch.

Red Peppers



The Portland Nursery

Ever since I moved into my apartment, I haven’t stepped foot into a plant nursery. With no prospect to keep a plant alive more than a couple of hours at the paws of my kitten, it hadn’t crossed my mind that even thought I can’t keep plants in my home, I can still enjoy seeing them in nurseries and lose track of time just as much as I do in a bookstore. When I passed one on Saturday, I walked in the SE Division Portland Nursery and took as many photos as my heart pleased.

I will try to visit seasonally. This time of year they had apples and pears locally grown that were delicious.

Terracotta Plant Pots

I almost took this cactus home. It only worried me that my apartment doesn’t get enough light for it to survive. And of course, some kitten’s paws might have been at risk.

Complex Spines Defence Mechanism

The Portland Nursery



Greenhouse Aisle




Olive Branch

All these are taken with a Canon T3i+50mm 1.8 lens, which I got over the weekend. I’ve been pretty happy with the results, but have missed my Nikon for some of the shots I took on this occasion.

At Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine

Two weeks back I probably had one of the best dinners in a while at Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine. Yellow curry was delicious! I’ll definitely go there again.

I’ve been waiting to get my roll of film today and to share these pictures with you. There will be more to come as the week runs its course. These photos have been taken on Kodak Portra 160 Film. I think I’m in love with this film!

A Glass of Water

Yellow Curry